You come home from a long walk, the dog makes itself comfortable on the carpet or sofa and bang – a stain in the apartment. These stains and droppings are neither pleasant to the eye nor particularly hygienic. Of course you can now get a wide variety of cleaning agents and techniques out and scrub the floor. But let’s be honest, who likes to do that. It would be much easier to prevent this problem and not to let the droppings into the house in the first place.

How to prevent fecal stains in the apartment?

The coexistence of animals and humans has many beautiful sides, droppings in the apartment are not one of them. To keep dirt and bacteria out of your home, dogpaper offers a simple solution. With a poop bag that has integrated hygienic paper, you can clean off any poop residue from the dog’s buttocks while you’re on the go. Simply put your hand in the bag as usual and then gently wipe your four-legged friend’s bottom with the paper attached to the outside. This is an easy way to avoid possible fecal stains on the sofa. By using dogpaper, people and animals feel comfortable at home.

Can dogpaper do even more?

This dog toilet paper is not only practical, but also helpful to protect the dog from diseases. Cleaning the dog after the walk also ensures significantly less dirt in the apartment. This also minimizes the risk of contracting parasites as a human being. You can find many more advantages of dogpaper on our website and in our other blog articles.