Why does my dog have a dirty butt?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s food, a leash or a place to sleep – every dog has different preferences and needs. Knowing these and offering your four-legged friend the right thing can sometimes be quite difficult. Especially the nutrition and health of the animal can quickly make us sweat. In this blog article we would […]


A clean dog butt? dogpaper makes it possible!

Many dog owners are familiar with this problem: You take the dog for a walk, it makes a pile and then feces get caught in the fur. What now? Take a leaf from the nearest hedge or would you rather wait and hope that this problem will solve itself? Don’t worry, from now on these […]


With dogpaper your home stays clean

You come home from a long walk, the dog makes itself comfortable on the carpet or sofa and bang – a stain in the apartment. These stains and droppings are neither pleasant to the eye nor particularly hygienic. Of course you can now get a wide variety of cleaning agents and techniques out and scrub […]