dogpaper – your faithful companion

When we’re on the road, we often only have the essentials with us. As dog owners, however, we often cannot avoid stuffing our jacket and trouser pockets full of treats, poop bags and handkerchiefs. In order to still be able to walk our dog carefree, we reduce the contents of our bags to the most […]


Why does my dog have a dirty butt?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s food, a leash or a place to sleep – every dog has different preferences and needs. Knowing these and offering your four-legged friend the right thing can sometimes be quite difficult. Especially the nutrition and health of the animal can quickly make us sweat. In this blog article we would […]


A clean dog butt? dogpaper makes it possible!

Many dog owners are familiar with this problem: You take the dog for a walk, it makes a pile and then feces get caught in the fur. What now? Take a leaf from the nearest hedge or would you rather wait and hope that this problem will solve itself? Don’t worry, from now on these […]