Did you wipe your dog's butt today? Test now Why not? ALL IN ONE: Sanitary paper & Dog waste bag

The All-In-One Solution

The toilet paper for dogs

A dog poop bag with hygiene paper

With dogpaper, a routine and conscious handling of pet excretions is to be established. As a walker, you have long got used to collecting dog poo. You bring the necessary poop bags and participation with you anyway. Our approach is now to improve these existing mechanisms in such a way that the everyday poo collecting results in a long-lasting and preventive cleaning, from which animals and humans benefit.

As usual before collecting the dog's heap, the hand is put into the bag. But before the dog excrement is taken care of, the paper should be used to remove excrement residues from the animal's bottom.
The paper can now be wiped over the dog's anus like a washcloth. In the case of heavier soiling or diarrhea, it is advantageous to use the paper on both sides.
The poo can then be picked up as usual. Thanks to the paper, dogpaper can pick up more residue from the floor than ordinary plastic dog waste bags.
The used bags can - like all other poop bags - be disposed of in the residual waste. The paper bag can also be turned inside out and flushed into a toilet along with the contained faeces. This means that the plastic bag can be disposed of in the material cycle for plastic and thus recycled. This waste separation is not possible with conventional manure bags.

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5 reasons to wipe

These are the advantages of dogpaper

what we offer

Including dog waste bag

Dogpaper is not an additional product, but an improvement on the well-known dog waste bags. Thus, disposable gloves and other items become redundant

Guaranteed no contact with the faeces

The plastic bag protects the hand from contact, the paper bag offers an additional, highly absorbent layer

Usable on both sides

Thanks to the paper bag, the paper can be used on both sides

Reduce costs and visits to veterinarians

The regular use of dogpaper prevents diseases of your dog's intestines and anus and can, for example, make worming preventable


The pack fits in jacket and trouser pockets and, thanks to the combination with poop bags, does not create any additional ballast


dogpaper takes on the problem without shame. The logical consequence is that we also clean the bottom of our "man's best friend"

Skin and coat friendly

dogpaper is free from perfume or other additives


As common with toilet paper, we use multilayer paper

Fluffy & soft

Particularly gentle on fur and skin

Worldwide delivery

Easy and uncomplicated ordering via our online shop

Manufacturing and shipping from a single source

Product development, production and mail processing are managed centrally by dogpaper. This way, the shortest routes for transport and communication can be guaranteed

Easy to use

Wipe the bottom, collect and dispose of poop


For animals - without animal ingredients

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Rated 4 out of 5


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Rated 5 out of 5


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Rated 4 out of 5

At first it seemed weird to wipe your dog’s bum. But now I know what illnesses I can prevent, so I try to use it regularly.

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Response from dogpaper The toilet paper for dogs

Thank you for your feedback! We hope our product can help you and your dog to stay healthy.

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In short, with dogpaper, hygiene can be maximized and the risk of illness minimized. You can find a detailed list of the advantages here on the website.
Many dogs are reluctant to be touched in certain places. If your dog reacts negatively to the butt wiping, try to calm him down and reward him with treats or pats afterwards, so that he can see that it is nothing bad. You can find more tips and application notes on our social media channels.
For the production of dogpaper, we opted for a soft, multi-layered paper that is also used for ordinary toilet paper. Our product should not only improve the hygiene and standard of living for animals and humans, but should also be pleasant to use.
Thanks to the paper bag, the dog waste can be disposed of separately from the plastic. This means that you can put the plastic bag into the recycling cycle and dispose of the paper bag with its excrement in the residual waste or even in a toilet.
Further product variants that will be tailored to the different needs of users are in progress. We are always open to your suggestions and want to improve dogpaper together with you.
The product will be sold on our own website, but will also be offered by retailers. You can find our partners here on the website.
You can easily use the usual payment methods such as PayPal, credit card and direct debit. You can find more information at Payment / Delivery
In the event that your supply runs out, you can buy single packs of dogpaper from retailers or buy here a new box of dogpaper.

Learn more about dogpaper in our blog

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For the spontaneous and curious

If you run out of supplies, need a quick replenishment on the go or discover dog paper on the shelf for the first time – practical individual packs are available in selected shops.

The right amount for you

Simply try out which amount is ideal for you and your four-legged friend. We offer you the opportunity to buy individual packs and smaller quantities of dogpaper. So you can test the product extensively first. Are you already convinced and want to make sure that hygiene and health are guaranteed? Then order a large box with 24 packs.
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