Affiliate Agreement

The following contract is concluded between dogpaper GmbH as a merchant and the partner as an affiliate.

§1 Subject of the contract

(1) The subject of the contract is participation in the partner program, in which the affiliate advertises the merchant’s products for a fee.

(2) The products are advertised using an affiliate link, which is distributed in the digital media. You can also work with analogue advertising media.

(3) The contract and the resulting use of the partner program only apply to the affiliate who agrees to this contract. Affiliate employees are prohibited from using the personal affiliate link and other advertising material.

§2 Remuneration

(1) The remuneration takes the form of a commission of 20% of the net amount of an order after deduction of VAT.

(2) The right to remuneration only arises with the actual purchase of a user after he has clicked on the affiliate link. Each booking is first checked and explicitly approved. The verification of an order via the affiliate link can take four to eight weeks. In the event of a cancellation, chargeback through return debit or an unpaid invoice, the commission can be reclaimed.

(3) The commission is paid by crediting the affiliate’s user account. The affiliate can request the payment of the credit, which is then carried out via PayPal or SEPA transfer.

(4) A statement is made in the form of statistics, which the affiliate can access at any time via the user account.

§3 Obligations and rights of the merchant

(1) The merchant undertakes to pay the specified fee to the affiliate.
(2) The affiliate is provided with advertising material by the merchant via the partner site. These advertising materials may only be used for marketing purposes.
(3) The merchant has the right to determine the users acquired by the affiliate with the help of tracking and allocation.

§4 Obligations and rights of the affiliate

(1) The affiliate endeavors to present the most effective advertising possible, taking into account the interests of both parties.
(2) The affiliate must ensure that the advertising measures and content do not violate applicable law, morality or the rights of third parties. Brand bidding is also not permitted. Furthermore, unfair business practices are prohibited (UWG §3).
(3) The affiliate must have a work permit and be able to work independently.
(4) The income generated by the remuneration from the partner program must be taxed by the affiliate under applicable law.

§5 Contract term and termination

(1) The contract is concluded for an indefinite period.
(2) The contract can be terminated at any time by either party.
(3) Upon termination of the contract, the affiliate must immediately deactivate the affiliate link and remove all advertising material.

§6 Liability and Breach of Contract

(1) German law applies to this contract.
(2) In the event of a violation of one or more contractual clauses, the merchant is not liable.
(3) Should individual clauses of this contract be ineffective, the effectiveness of the remainder shall not be affected. The invalid clause shall be replaced by the permissible regulation that comes closest to the invalid clause.

By using the affiliate program and generating an affiliate link, consent is given to the contract.